202Connection Church began in early 2012 with 19 adults and 7 children from all walks of life. This group came together to pray, dream, plan and prepare to launch a life giving and spirit led movement in Highlands Ranch. We partnered with the Crossroads Connection Network, a group of churches that operate under the apostolic leadership of Pastor Jeff Ables and Crossroads Church located in Lafayette, LA. Connection Church also paired with the fellowship of the Assemblies of God, a worldwide missions oriented movement.

Connection Church officially began in September of 2012 with its very first public church service at Mountain Ridge Middle School in Highlands Ranch.  That day we witnessed many people come to the Lord and prayed for many hurting families. The journey is new and fresh and has only just begun. We desire to see others join this movement who are visionaries, entrepreneurs, innovators, risk takers and people who are passionate about helping others. Our story has just begun… We are looking for others who are ready to live a story worth telling!

Snip20141219_6OUR Purpose:
At Connection Church, we believe our mission is to help people make the two most important connections in life, with God and with others. It is our desire to live the most healthyauthentic, and attractive lifestyle in our community that points people to Jesus. The entire Denver South Metro area is filled with hurting families. We believe that God is raising up our church as a source of help, light and hope to those who are hurting all around us.


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