Love Does

There is no one thing greater than love. One way or another, we all desire it. We were created by love. We were made to love. We depend on love.

I have finally got around to reading Love Does by Bob Goff. A good friend of mine told me ages ago that I should read it. After reading just the first two chapters, I couldn’t help but question why I did not read it sooner?

Bob shares many stories from his personal life in his book. They are all focused around one key element: Love. Every one of them. His primary theme throughout the boo437452564_640k is simply—love does.

It is an action. We’ve all heard the saying, “actions speak louder than words”. It is true though. Each story in this novel points to some sort of action by someone that perfectly, or sometimes awkwardly, reflected the love of Christ. This ranges from goofy “obnoxiously large Valentines Day card” love to “I can’t let you go in the world alone, so I’m going to come with you” love. This book is really changing me on the inside. It has me constantly thinking of things that I can do to demonstrate the love I have for my friends, my family, my wife, and God.

I witnessed something amazing a few weeks ago. I was helping a friend from church move. I met him at his place and I was introduced to a few people that I didn’t know. One lady said that she posted a “help needed” post on a neighborhood Facebook group. A couple responded and said that they were going to come help.

They actually showed up! A couple that seemed like perfect strangers to me, arrived to help someone they had never met, move into their new home. Some may call it charity, a good deed, a nice gesture perhaps, and I can agree. However, I believe that all of these things are wrapped up in one big box called love.

When we choose to perform good deeds for those around us, we are injecting love into their hearts.

There is power in what we say, and what we say can impact lives. BUT, what we actually DO is even greater. What we do has the power to completely transform lives. I want to project the inside of my heart by DOING love.


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