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One of my dreams in ministry is to train, equip, and resource worship teams all across the nation and even the world. I want to help them build and develop a team from very little or nothing. I have had opportunities to speak and teach on matters of worship at small conferences, but my dream of being able to have a massive impact is still coming to fruition.

However, I have found a group of guys who are doing exactly what I had in mind and they are doing it well. There is no need for me to feel like I need to recreate the wheel when it comes to training and equipping people for worship ministry. That wheel was created by The Worship Initiative.

The Worship Initiative was started by some of my musical mentors Shane Barnard and Shane Everett. This organization has covered all of the bases when it comes to resources for building a team: lead sheets, chord charts, video tutorials by instrument both lead and rhythm, learning the Nashville Number System, vocal training, and devotions for spiritual growth.

I’m so impressed with the comprehensive approach they have taken with their website. For $10/month, Connection Church’s worship team has subscribed to their website and has access to all of their content.

I would highly encourage any worship team, whether brand new or established, to be a part of the Worship Initiative or you can buy their albums from iTunes that they put out each quarter. They already have out 11 albums (including a Christmas album).

As a worship pastor at a church plant, I often feel like I have to come up with all new ideas or manufacture resources, but this website is already making us better with practical knowledge and technical knowledge.

For Connection Church members, I encourage you to check out The Worship Initiative albums on Spotify or iTunes. These songs are powerful, and you will be familiar with them when we sing them on Sundays.


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