When There’s Nothing Else To Do


If you know me, I am super faithful when it comes to getting my hair cut. It has to happen every two weeks, no matter what. Not only do I love the feel of a fresh and clean haircut, but I also love the conversations that happen between my barber and I.

I normally see Chris, however, he was out on vacation recently. So I saw Brandon this particular Saturday. I enjoy talking with both of those guys. They are very interesting, fun, and incredibly good at what they do. I guess that is what I expect at a barbershop. Where I am from, getting your haircut is more than just that. It’s a time to chit chat and fool around with the guys about all kinds of things like sports, school, work, girls, music, etc. It wouldn’t matter if you were on someone’s porch getting your haircut or at an actual barbershop; it’s about the experience. That is why I always go back to Floyd’s. Especially after it took me several months to find a barber I can trust.

It was a normal Saturday morning; Brandon and I were joking around about messed up haircuts and some of his clients that can have bizarre requests at times. He was telling me about this one particular guy who has a receding hairline. He asked Brandon, “Hey, what can I do about this? I’ve tried everything”. Brandon immediately replied, “Pray”.

Now, I’m not sure where Brandon is with his faith, but this response stuck out to me. What I gathered from that simple response was this: Sometimes, at no fault of our own, there are situations and circumstances that happen to us. It’s inevitable. It doesn’t matter who you are. Things happen. Life happens. In many of those situations, we are backed into a place where it seems like there is nothing we can do in our own human power. However, as a Christian, I believe we can do something. It is not in our own power though.

Pray. It is simply talking to God and bringing our requests, our thanks, our praises, and our problems to Him. When we pray, I believe we are saying, “Hey God, I can’t do this on my own. I need your help”. God absolutely loves that! He wants us to want Him and depend on Him. It brings him joy.

This simple act that we do shows great humility and dependence on the Father. It shows strength and incredible faith that we will be taken care of. It is a realization that we cannot do it alone and we are not our own savior. When we pray, our focus shifts from our difficulties to God. Oswald Chambers said, “We have to pray with our eyes on God, not on the difficulties”. The quicker we make that shift, the quicker we find peace and comfort in knowing that God will make everything work together for His good.


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