Better Together


Life is better when we live it together. Sometimes it is inconvenient to live life together. Connection Church has a lot of young families in it. There are kids everywhere. Everywhere.

And when we all get together…there are lots of kids everywhere! To be honest, sometimes it is hard as parents of young children to get ourselves out of the door of our house. Schedules that include feeding times, nap times, sleeping arrangements. Things like that get thrown out of the window whenever there is something going on to be a part of.

But you know what, we just have to do it. We are better when we are together. There is understanding, grace, patience, kindness, gentleness, and goodness that we can share with each other – no matter if you are single, single with kids, married without kids, or married with kids.

There is a place for you with us. The enemy of our soul would like nothing better than to keep us isolated and alone. To make us feel like it’s not worth it to be with others.

But there is power when we are together. There is unity when we are together. There is strength when we are together. We were made to live this life on a journey together. Not alone.

So the next time you are thinking how inconvenient it may be to do something with others from Connection Church, find a ladder, climb it, and get over it! We want you to be with us.

After all, we are all better when we are together.


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